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The Importance of Measuring Body Composition When Losing Fat

Understanding what body composition is and how to measure it is one of the best fat loss tips. If your sole focus is losing weight, you’ll never know where it’s coming from. Is it from your fat weight or something else? If you don’t understand the difference, read on…

What is body composition?

If you are overweight and have large levels of body fat, then you are unhealthy. If you have low body fat then you have a healthy body composition. However, to measure this there is the availability of body composition analysis machines in the market.

Body Composition Analysis: Learn What Your Scale Isn't Telling You - MIT Recreation

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Why is measurement useful?

Imagine that each week you lose 2 pounds, as per the scales you have in your bathroom. After a month, you have lost 10 pounds. You’re extremely pleased with the outcome. But you are aware that you don’t look good. Your body’s shape isn’t changing but you’re just an enlarged version of who you used to be before. What’s the issue?

The way you measure your body composition will give you the truth. It could reveal that of the 10 pounds you shed, 4 pounds were fat however, an alarming amount of 6 pounds were the muscle (lean tissues). Naturally, the loss of muscles is a major issue. It makes you weaker, and has a lower metabolism. Since you’ve got this additional factual information you are aware your diet that you thought worked is clearly not.

If you know this, you can implement the necessary adjustments to your eating habits and your training plan so that the next month you shed 10 pounds of fat on the strength of 0 pounds.

How to measure body composition?

It is best to have your body fat percentage tested by a professional. Personal trainers and some doctors offer this service. For the results, you can calculate the amount of fat and muscle mass you gain or lose.